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About Us

North Florida Medical Center is a unique, all-in-one facility, offering a full spectrum of COMPREHENSIVE family care medical services and chiropractic care for the entire family. We are staffed with board certified physicians in Family Medicine, Pain Management and Chiropractic Medicine. We also have a Licensed Physical Therapist as part of the team, along with a state of the art rehabilitation center. We have highly trained nurse practitioners and health care providers who can treat all members of a family regardless of their age or healthcare needs. Occupational Healthcare employee services such as pre-employment physicals, drug testing and work injury evaluation/treatment for our business clients is also available.

Our Approach

Our COMPREHENSIVE approach and complete ACCESS to ancillary services in our facility allows our providers to implement proactive strategies in the management of their patients. This personal care and attention combined with efficient coordinated care leads to improved healthcare outcomes and cost savings for our patients, employer groups and health plans.

Preventive care is one of our top priorities in ensuring your optimal health. We truly believe that optimal health is achieved when you or your family member is under the on-going care of a primary care physician for health maintenance and follow-up. This allows us to treat you for both
acute illnesses and chronic conditions.

We understand that acute illness or injuries can happen at any time so we make every effort to schedule same-day appointments for our new or established patients. If we are unable to schedule a same-day appointment, our patients can be seen in our Walk-in Care Center 5 days a week without
appointment during regular operating hours We are available to take care of your all healthcare needs whenever you need us.

We recognize that there are many families living in the surrounding communities on a part-time basis or for short periods of time whose primary care physicians are back in their home state. We would be honored to take care of such families at North Florida Medical Center and will ensure proper coordination of care with their primary care physicians back home.

We are proud to serve families living in all of North Florida and its surrounding communities.