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Family Medicine

There’s a reason that more and more families are finding out what makes North Florida Medical Center so special. From pediatrics to geriatrics, our skilled health care providers are there for your entire family through every stage of life. Whether you are seeking preventative care or routine care, our vast array of services are designed to meet the needs of your entire family.

Preventative Care

Staying healthy and living a long life starts with preventive healthcare. Preventive care can help you avoid illness and detect problems before you notice any significant symptoms – helping you stay healthy. Exercise, diet and appropriate lifestyle can all play major roles in long term health. This can include regular physical exams, lab testing, immunizations and certain prescriptions. We strongly encourage all of our patients to discuss preventative care with our health professionals.

Chronic Disease Management

At North Florida Medical Center we provide an integrated care approach to managing your chronic illness. This can include monitoring and coordinating treatment, along with regularly scheduled screenings and check-ups with proper patient education. Chronic disease management can improve your quality of life while reducing your health care costs by preventing or minimizing the effects of a disease.


Pediatric care at North Florida Medical Center is handled by highly trained medical professionals who take pride in working with children of all ages. All children, from infants to adolescents, receive the best and most comprehensive care. From immunizations, annual screenings and preventative care, the overall health of our young patients is of the utmost importance to our staff. You can be assured that your child’s well-being will always be treated as a top priority.


At our medical center, our physicians and staff understand that health care needs change as we all grow older. We have the experience and knowledge that is required to help treat older adults. We provide the care that is appropriate and sensitive to the needs of our older patients.

Women’s Services

We take pride in providing exemplary care to women here at North Florida Medical Center. Every woman should have their annual exams, along with any preventative care that is necessary for a healthy life. All tests and screenings pertaining to a women’s age are available and done by a high professional medical staff.

Routine Care

Routine medical care is any type of care that you obtain from your primary care provider or other physicians that a patient is referred out to. This can include annual physical exams, lab tests and screens. Some disorders that are addressed with a routine medical checkup can be hypertension, diabetes and asthma. North Florida Medical Center provides a wide array of medical services and will do everything to help you live a healthy lifestyle.